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Chef PamChef Pam was born into a family that takes talking, cooking, and eating as akin to breathing. When she was 12, Pam’s family moved from Philadelphia to the Jersey Shore where she had her first gig as the toast girl in a diner in Wildwood. After high school she married and had her daughter Shannon, 10 years later, her son Larry was born.

During the early years of motherhood, Pam worked in various restaurants as a server. Then tragedy struck. Through a series of events her family became homeless and were taken in by a neighbor. In desperation, Pam called her old boss and he offered her a job in the pantry. One night a cook called out sick, so they asked her to keep an eye on the broiler. A week later the second cook had a fight with a server, took his apron off, and walked out the door.... and Pam’s been cooking ever since. Eventually she went to Atlantic City and was hired as a sous chef in the Claridge. Nine months later, Pam took a $3,000 pay cut to work at Caesar's because there were so many more opportunities.

In 18 months, she was promoted to Executive Sous Chef, overseeing 27 chefs and 206 culinarians. In April of 2001 Chef Pam became the Executive Chef at the Sheraton in Atlantic City and becoming Atlantic City’s first and only female Executive Chef. In 2010, she was inducted into the Atlantic County Women's Hall of Fame. She is deeply involved in Big Brothers Big Sisters where she mentors culinary students. Cooking remains her passion and is one of the ways she shows love and care to her family and friends.

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